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Water Treatment
The Eliminator 2
Product ID #: 3001   -  Ship Wt: 70 LBS.
Retail Price: $1995
Whole house water purification system. Life time warranty. This product available in USA only
Online Price: $1,450.00


Pure Water Without Toxic Chemicals

And Purify all the water in your Home

100% Salt - Free

100% Chlorine - Free

100% Chemical - Free

The Eliminator 2 is an advanced electronic water treatment system with multimedia filtration that has over 30 pounds of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) this removes chlorine and unwanted toxic chemicals and prevents lead contamination by eliminating chemical corrosion. The electronic system protects the GAC to allows a useful life of over 20 years. Includes Fleck 5600 Automatic backwash valve.

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