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Water Treatment

Angioprim Major Cleansing
24 Bottles
Product ID #: 1006   -  Ship Wt: 3 LBS.
This is the cleansing product intended for a 48 day thorough cleansing. It is used by those with more serious problems.Click Product Name for more detailed description.

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48 Day Regimen. Normally $599
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  Major Cleansing.

This package is intended as thorough and restorative cleansing with Angioprim.
- For those with diagnosed blockages between 30% and 70%.
- Serious symptoms associated with Cardiovascular issues, e.g. out of breath after exertion, slight pressure in the chest or light angina pain, persistent numbness in the extremities, cannot walk a mile without getting pain or shortness of breath, etc..
- Major High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Issues.
- May be used by a couple planning to do the primary cleansing together.

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