Absorption: Liquid Chelation vs. Chelation Pills

The big discussion in the chelation industry today is whether you should use a pill or a liquid as the method of delivery of EDTA into the body. Many, many studies have been done over the years and the consensus is that liquid is the way to go. The studies that have been done have found their way into the physician's desk reference where it says that liquids can be absorbed up to 98% while pills and capsules are absorbed at the most at the rate of 20%. Simple math tells you that a lot of valuable cleaning material and a lot of money is flushed down the toilet when taking pills and powders. We would like to note that this applies to all medications, prescription or natural. The higher absorption rate of liquids also means that any product administered in this way will be effective much quicker and give the person using it relief in a much faster time. You have probably noticed all the commercials for Aspirin, Tylenol, etc. touting their new liquid gels. They are trying to achieve this higher absorption rate by taking the binder and making soft and fast dissolving. The important point for those researching which type of chelation to take is that they will save a lot of time and money over the long run by using a liquid even though the technology to create the liquid is more expensive. When someone is experiencing cardiovascular issues, the key issue is; How soon will I start feeling better, not necessarily which is cheaper. We consumers reserve that kind of discussion durable goods like electronics, not to our health. In the case of health, speed and effectiveness are the key issues.

Advantages of Angioprim (The premier Liquid):

  • Higher absorption rate means faster cleaning
  • Angioprim's liquid is prepared with both EDTA and amino acids to help make the Calcium that is part of the plaque more bio-available to the EDTA.
  • Once a day administration for a period of 24, 48, or 72 days
  • No more getting pills caught in your throat and starting to dissolve prior to reaching the stomach
  • Angioprim quickly hits the stomach lining to be absorbed so it can begin to work
  • There are no lingering by products left in the colon after taking Angioprim. It is absorbed virtually completely.

What are the key disadvantages of pills:

  • Pills are hard to swallow for a large percentage of the population, whereas a liquid is easy to sip and swallow
  • Pills have a low rate of absorption. This requires you to take more, multiple times a day. It also requires you to take them for a much longer period of time, sometimes months or even years for results to become apparent
  • Once again the rate of absorption is important. Pills dissolve slowly in the stomach making the actual time they begin to have an effect drag on
  • Ingredients in these pill products must be mashed together to be held by the capsule or binder so they can be handled by you. The lowers the absorption rate even more.

Why the big dollar disparity between Angioprim and pills, or "For the pills it's all about the Merchandising!"

  • The higher absorption rate for Angioprim means much faster cleaning. No need to return month after month to buy more. E.G. 1 bottle of company X's pills are $69.95 a bottle. Times 12 monthly purchases. Simple math will tell you about the higher cost for the initial cleaning. Much higher than the highest cleaning offered by Angioprim.
  • Please note the time difference in feeling relief could be a year.
  • There are 52 different types of EDTA all with increasing costs. The pill manufacturers could be using the EDTA that can also be found in baby food and toothpaste. That lowers their cost of manufacturing to incredibly low levels. It will not hurt you, and over a long period of time it will help. If you have the time!
  • The EDTA pill folks can have much lower marketing costs.
  • Manufacturing is much cheaper because making pills is a much faster and less labor intensive than building and bottling a liquid product.
  • When selling a $14 to $70 pill product refunds have less impact for the pill manufacturers and most people will just move on to another product after yet another disappointment with another pill. Angioprim insured the effectiveness of our product throughout the 21 years our product has been available and the 11 years we have been on the internet, this gives us a much lower return rate so you can insure you are getting the best and most effective.