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I am a 59-year old doctor and began suffering dizzy spells and general disorientation. I became fatigued easily and began to lack vitality. I went and saw my physician and he referred me to an arterial sonogram test. I had this same test at the end of 2009 because I have always had high triglycerides and a bad cholesterol problem that even medication couldn't solve. The 2009 test came back very favorable but per my doctor's instructions I went and had another test. The test showed that I had severe arterial blockages in different parts of my body and my doctor recommended surgery beginning with an angioplasty. I have to tell you, I am not a doctor that recommends invasive surgery whenever there is an alternative so I began researching the alternatives beginning with a friend of mine who is a well-respected naturopathic doctor. He introduced me to chelation therapy and by his referral I researched and found AngioPrim. It took 60-days but it did the job and now I am back to my old self. Does AngioPrim work? Take it from this doctor....YES!
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