Questions often asked

Questions often asked

Q. Does Angioprim sponsor or own part of company using our name in Canada? /
A. I apologize for even having to answer this question. NO. They are simply a rogue trading company using our good name. They do not have our permission to use our name or any part of it. It is simply a lapse on our part for not extending our Trademark to Canada. In the old days when we started, back in the early 2,000s, this would have been recognized for what it is, theft of our reputation. Unfortunately, in today's business climate it is just the cost of doing business. They are not the same product, formula, or even modality of a true chelation product. The good news is if you have been duped already by that company's use of our name, it should not hurt you as it is mostly plants and herbs, and its leader is a Dr. of Chinese Herbal Medicine. If you are an existing customer of ours who were under the impression that they are same company, please call us and we will work with you.

Q. Why do I need to take Vitamin E with my Angioprim?
A.In addition to softening the cholesterol that binds the calcium, which in turn creates plaque, preliminary research has led to a widely held belief that vitamin E may help prevent or delay coronary heart disease. Researchers have reported that oxidative changes to LDL-cholesterol (sometimes called "bad" cholesterol) promote blockages (atherosclerosis) in coronary arteries that may lead to heart attacks. Vitamin E may help prevent or delay coronary heart disease by limiting the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol. Vitamin E also may help prevent the formation of blood clots, which could lead to a heart attack. Observational studies have associated lower rates of heart disease with higher vitamin E intake. A study of approximately 90,000 nurses suggested that the incidence of heart disease was 30% to 40% lower among nurses with the highest intake of vitamin E from diet and supplements. Researchers found that the apparent benefit was mainly associated with intake of vitamin E from dietary supplements. High vitamin E intake from food was not associated with significant cardiac risk reduction.

Q. Who can take Angioprim and is it safe for elderly people?
A. Angioprim is a synergistic combination of amino acids that the body recognizes and finds compatible along with liquified EDTA. It is not recommended for persons under the age of 18, who may be pregnant or who may have diagnosed kidney disease/failure.

Q. What if I am taking prescription medications? Is there any interaction with them?
A. There are no interactions between any prescription medications and Angioprim. We are not licensed to practice medicine and as such, cannot and do not make any recommendations to customers who wish to get off their current medications. Only a licensed physician can make that determination. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact your physician.

Q. What if I am taking medication for High Blood Pressure?
A. Please note that Angioprim can assist in lowering blood pressure. As an analogy, suppose you have a garden hose turned on outside. The water flows out the end in a nice, straight stream. If you were to take your hand and pinch the hose in the middle, 2 things happen. 1. The water squirts out erratically from the end, and 2. pressure builds up between your hand and the wall. When you take Angioprim, it is much like releasing the pinch on the hose, where the flow out the end of the hose restores to normal, and the pressure subsides on the back end of the hose. The same occurs with the arteries in the body. If you are taking a medication that lowers blood pressure, and taking Angioprim, there is a risk of your blood pressure dropping to low. Please check your blood pressure regularly while taking Angioprim. If this occurs, please contact your physician, let him/her know that you are taking an oral chelation product and that you may need to look at adjusting your medication.

Q. What about the hundreds of other competitors on the Internet?
A. Suffice to say that this is a huge industry with great potential, however like all good things on the internet, the pirates come out to feed off the success of others. There are pills that advertise for only 13 cents a day you can relieve your cardiovascular issues. Many people with these issues buy these hoping against hope that they actually work. Once they commit to buying bottle after bottle month after month before seeing relief after a year or so, they have spent more money and much more time getting the relief they could have received much earlier by simply taking Angioprim for 24, 48, or 72 days.

Q. What if I am taking medication for Type 2 Diabetes?
A. The answer to this question is almost identical to the one above for High Blood Pressure. Angioprim has shown in some customers to help lower high blood sugar levels, this does not occur in all cases. Please check your blood sugar regularly while taking Angioprim. If this occurs, please contact your physician, let him/her know that you are taking an oral chelation product and that you may need to look at adjusting your medication.

Q. How does it compare to other methods?
A. There is no accurate comparison to other products. Angioplasty and By-pass surgery are the medical industry's treatment procedures and are often required more than once. Other forms of oral chelation therapy, e.g. pills, potions, cremes, herbs, serapeptase and powders do not provide as great a benefit or act as quickly as Angioprim.

Q. What happens to the plaque that breaks off?
A. Plaque is a combination of calcium and cholesterol and it does not break off during the use of Angioprim. Angioprim scavenges, dissolves and removes calcium that is built up as plaque and is eliminated through the kidneys and bowel.

Q. Can it cause blood clots?
A. Angioprim will not cause a blood clot and is compatible with clotting medication. Generally, blood clots form when the blood is exposed to air. A scab is an external blood clot, and an internal blood clot is a bruise, or black and blue mark. Some clots can be extremely dangerous. A blood clot that forms inside of a blood vessel can be deadly because it blocks the flow of blood, cutting off the supply of oxygen. A stroke can be the result of a clot in an artery of the brain. Without a steady supply of oxygen, the brain cannot function normally. If the oxygen flow is broken, paralysis, brain damage, loss of sensory perceptions, or even death may occur.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. There are only 2 known side effects.
1. It can cause an upset stomach when too much is taken at one time, or taken too fast.
2. When the toxic calcim is released, it is similar to having a deep tissue massage, and the body's first reaction in eliminating these toxins is usually diarrhea. This can be mild to moderate and subsides within a few days. It usually occurs during one sitting about an hour after sipping it. It may reoccur of the next day or two, then typically subsides. The more calcium in the body, generally, the more chance of diarrhea. This is actually a 'good thing', as the body is processing the calcium out of the system.

Q. Does this come in a pill or liquid form?
A. Angioprim is a pure, liquid concentrate of Amino acids. We have been tempted over the years to produce our own pills, etc., but we realize that what we sell works almost everytime and is injested only once a day. So, we decided to stick with what we know works, and not to go with other forms just to get sales.

Q. What about depleting calcium from bones in osteoporosis?
A. Taking calcium for osteoporosis can lead to more cardiovascular and arthritis problems. To manage Osteoporosis you need specific metalo-enzymes for calcium and phosphorus. Angioprim stimulates the parathyroid to release those needed enzymes.

Q. What if I have already undergone IV Chelation treatments?
A. Many of our customers that have previously had IV (intravenous) chelation and now are using Angioprim, their typical comment is: in less than a week they experienced greater health improvement than after a month of IV chelation treatment. For customers that have used other types of oral chelation their feedback has been very positive and when Angioprim was used at the right level, health improvements were experienced in a much shorter period of time compared to little or no improvement with other oral chelators.

Q. Can I take Angioprim (oral chelation) while I am doing my IV Chelation program?
A. We prefer that you do not. Too many chelators going into the body at one time is not good. You will certainly strip the body of minerals that are needed. If you wish to do both IV and Oral Chelation, please alternate them.