Our Founders Story

Our Founders Story

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(A True Story)

I had to solve my own problem.

What did I do? The first therapy I tried for my heart disease was B-Vitamins with Niacin and an assortment of amino acids, I walked around with a red face and felt like my head was throbbing and about to explode. The next thing I tried was Chinese herbs, they seemed to make a little improvement, but nothing that was going to greatly improve my life. The herbs were very expensive, time consuming and they smelled awful, I still couldn't walk up more than 7 steps at a time.

I asked myself what is causing this blockage, I already had a pretty good idea that cholesterol build up was not to blame. I had read a lot of medical reports and science articles relating to heart disease and I knew calcium had a very big part in creating plaque or scale build-up. In the Navy I was a Hospital Corpsman and I had seen several autopsies. One older man had a yellow discolored heart and after cutting it open you could see the buildup of fatty deposits and hard yellow caked on material the doctor called scale.

I thought I understood how calcium was causing my problem.

You've heard of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Well the word minerals is another way of saying metals and one of the most misunderstood metals is calcium. Calcium buildup in your homes plumbing is scale. When that same calcium is buildup in your arteries it's called plaque. Plaque in your arteries, Kidney stones or gallstones it's all the same, calcium scale.

In 1984, I developed a system that electronically purified water for swimming pools and eliminated the need for chlorine. When the system was left on to long, it would cause metal stains on the walls of the pool. The staining problem led me to develop another product for removing the stains. This stain remover not only removed the stains but it also broke down calcium scale that was around the pool and in the pipes of the plumbing.

I took the bull by the horns and decided to risk my life in an effort to improve my health. I reasoned, maybe the stain remover might work to break down the calcium scale and plaque in my arteries? The stain remover was a food grade additive, which is used as a preservative for bread. I had no idea of the amount to use, so I thought I would start with just a little bit. I mixed it with orange juice and drank it up. In less than a minute, my stomach was in such pain it was like I was kicked by a horse. I was vomiting and had diarrhea at the same time. After I lost most of the fluids in my body, I crawled into bed and was in pain all night. I got a little sleep and when I awoke. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and my mouth was flowing red with blood. I thought to myself, "I've done it now, I killed myself". Surprisingly, I rinsed my mouth and no more blood. I went upstairs and when I reached the top I realized I wasn't out of breath, this was a miracle and my legs weren't fatigued, Holy Buckets it really worked.

Why did my mouth bleed? First of all, I took way too much stain remover, this resulted in the stain remover breaking down scale built-up scale under my gums. When I brushed my teeth, the tooth brush bristles damaged the tiny blood vessels that were previously protected by the scale. This led me down the path of looking for agents that can safely be used in the body to produce the same results. The results of that research was Angioprim.

I have been using Angioprim (a form of EDTA and amino acids) for over 12 years. Angioprim for me was very fast acting and dissolved my arterial plaque virtually overnight. I was lucky. I decided to share this with my relatives and friends and eventually with the world through our placement on the internet for the last 6 years!

With age comes changes, and like an old dog our eyesight weakens our hearing diminishes, we get more aches and pains, we don't sleep as well, our energy level is reduced and our memories fade. This is called aging. Angioprim gave me the benefits of a younger and healthier body.

You don't have to go through what I did, you can get the same results and clean your system quickly.

Sincerely, Thomas Snee SR.